Cybersec Club

Cybersec Club

Cybersec-Club is a meetup event that motivates people to discuss and engage in the latest trends in cybersecurity. At this event, students, mentors, and professors discuss interesting topics together in the security community. The meetup primarily focuses on research paper discussions, where we discuss the proposed idea/research in publications from the top world-class cyber-security conferences. The meetup also has various fun activities on the agenda where we watch exciting movies, talks, play games, and so on.


Students are free to bring snacks, drinks (no alcohol this semester L) and propose topics to be discussed at the meetup.



The club meets bi-weekly.


The meetup will take place at Building B,  Room: Frederikskaj 12, B, 3.66. If you don't find the room, please feel free to come near the Hack Lab, and we will show you the event location.



No registration is required, just show up in the meeting! Do note that some meetings will require some preparations (e.g. reading a paper). This will be clearly stated on the future invitations.