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Cyber at AAU makes and leads several events every semester for experienced and un-experienced people. The events can be Beginner Hacker Days, Hack The Box evenings, Cyber Trainings Days, the Nationals of De Danske Cybermesterskaber and many different types. Our events count on the support of different public and private partners, but most of them are sponsored by the Industriens Fond, through the AAU-coordinated Cyber Skills project. You can find our main upcoming events here:


Get inspired and join our events - our major goal is to help build a strong and cool community around cyber in Denmark!  

We are always sharing our news and actively participating in the public debate! If you want to keep connected and up to date, we invite you to our social media:


A typical hacking evening at our events at Aalborg University Campus Copenhagen


A typical pizza break in the hacking evenings at our events at Aalborg University Campus Copenhagen.














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